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Geomembrane Roofing

Superior Services RSH is your one stop solution. With over 25 years of experience with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic membrane, we custom fabricate geomembranes to any size and for any use. We are able to provide specially formulated liner materials for a multitude of environmental uses.

We have teamed with Plastatech®, the leading manufacturer of PVC geomembrane containment liners, to offer a broad spectrum of custom prefabricated solutions.

By forming a flexible, durable barrier, Plastatech® geomembranes are highly effective at containing and controlling materials, runoff, chemicals, spills and more. Our proven, reliable, thermoplastic barriers are the smart choice — helping you reduce installation and maintenance costs and protect the environment while complying with regulations.

Our geomembranes meet the intense, long-term durability and environmental challenges found in waste management, secondary containment, oil and natural gas and aquaculture industries. We fabricate PVC membranes that withstand extreme temperatures and UV exposure, deliver exceptional tensile and puncture strength and resist harsh chemical attacks.

Lansing Roofers

Made in the USA, our rugged geomembranes take on the toughest weather conditions in exposed or covered applications.

Our diverse product line includes:

  • Plastatech IG (industrial grade) Geomembrane:
    Plastatech IG geomembrane was developed for applications like landfills, canals, ponds and other containment purposes.
  • Plastatech FG (fish grade) Geomembrane:
    Plastatech FG geomembrane is designed for aquatic environments, such as fisheries, fish ponds and landscaping applications.
  • Plastatech OR (oil resistant) Geomembrane:
    Plastatech OR geomembrane provides reliable containment for oils, fuels and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial and oil refinery settings.
  • Plastatech Tech 5® (reinforced) Geomembrane:
    Tech 5 meets the challenges found in high-stress applications requiring protective barriers, and can be easily installed in exposed work sites. Tech 5 is reinforced with a high-tenacity, non-wicking, polyester scrim that provides exceptional dimensional stability, puncture resistance and long-term durability.

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