SuperiorCare | Lansing Roof Asset Management

Roof Asset Management

Superior Care is a roof asset management program, designed to assist building owners with budget-oriented roof maintenance strategies.

The Superior Care program is customized for each building’s specific roofing needs and requirements. Whether you’re addressing short or long term issues, Superior Care is here to help. Please contact us with any questions.

The roof asset management program begins at the top, with a complete onsite inspection of the current roofing system’s condition.

During this inspection, our roofing professionals will also conduct a core analysis of the existing roof composition which determines the amount of insulation, layers of roofing and type of structural decking. Once all of the necessary data is compiled, customers will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the roofing systems expected life cycle.

  • Core Analysis
  • Visual Condition Analysis
  • Thermal Infrared Scanning
  • Expected Life Cycle Report
  • Repair or Replacement Budget Projections
  • Web-based Client Access

With the projected life cycle determined, it’s now time for the Care. The roof maintenance and management plan may require only simple interventions, such as a roof cleaning or minor sealant repairs, or in much more serious cases, require a complete re-roofing. In either case, Superior Care is designed for the building and its owner. We will work with you to develop a plan that meets your roofing needs and budget. With a complete roof asset management program and life cycle projection, it’s possible to plan and budget for future roof replacements, economically and logically.