February 8, 2021

Superior Services Leverages New Roofing Techniques from Duro-Last

Duro-Last Commercial Roofing Package and Materials Utilizing a 4 Person Crew

As the economy rebounds from the COVID crisis in Michigan, finding and retaining skilled labor for roofing contractors is always a challenge. Having the people power to install flat roofs over 7500 sq feet in a timely fashion with only a four-person roofing crew can be a challenge. However, the Duro-Last commercial roofing supply package makes this possible in a safe environment. With proper procedures and protocols in place, Superior Services R.S.H is able to execute on this task.

The Duro-Last custom prefabricated roofing system allows Superior to successfully and safely complete a large commercial roofing job, acting as the “fifth” roofer on these job sites. With this system, much of the specifications and assembly of the roofing materials are constructed prior to them arriving at the job site. The Duro-Bond system allows for the insulation fastening and positioning of membrane with hand trucks. Where applicable, Duro-Last is able to pre-specify the square footage of the membrane rolls so that they are laid down on the roof without the need for cutting. Additionally, where there are jut outs or penetrations on the roof, membrane cuts are put into place for exact induction welding.

As the crew works along the roof, they can spread out and separate out the tasks of in anchoring insulation and start laying out the roof for induction welding at the designed rooftop penetration points. The adjoining pieces of laid out insulation are then hot air welded. Duro-Bond magnets are designed for induction welding so that they may be utilized by less experienced crew members. As roofing companies bring aboard and train new roofers, this easy-to-use process can be tasked to less experienced crew members.

With the planned layout of the Duro-Last roofing system, crew members can easily address areas around the roof with heat welding and quickly made them watertight, includes perimeters and penetrations. The two skilled members of the crew can waterproof any critical roof top areas, while the less skilled members can continue with induction welding.

From there, the induction and seam welding of the breather vents and edge metal may occur. Superior and Duro-Last use EXCEPTIONAL metals for these roofing components. These edge metals provide a durable solution to the roof while providing architectural beauty.

Staffing roofing crews continues to be a challenge in the skilled labor shortage of today’s economy in Michigan. Superior Services innovates in its commercial roofing jobs by using Duro-Last roofing systems which allow for the installation of commercial flat roofs by just four-person crews in an optimal time window.