March 4, 2022

Superior Services Awarded the Duro-Last A+ Service Award

Superior Services, R.S.H. Inc. was a recent recipient of the A+ Service Award, presented by Duro-Last. The award recognizes Duro-Last roofing contractors that participate in the Duro-Last A+ Service Contractor Program and provide exceptional levels of customer service and professionalism when completing roofing repairs and installations using Duro-Last roofing systems.

The award is given to a limited number of Duro-Last roofing contractors who must adhere to specific service quality standards set by Duro-Last. Since its inception in 2018, Superior Services has won the A+ Service Award every year.

Superior Services is a leading Michigan Duro-Last contractor for commercial and industrial buildings. Visit our Duro-Last roofing systems page to learn more about our commercial roofing and repair services.

Message from Duro-Last

The following is the message from Duro-Last regarding the 2021 A+ Service Award:

Congratulations on earning the Duro-Last A+ Service Award! This achievement is a direct result of your dedication to exceptional quality, timeliness of service, thorough documentation and stellar customer service. We thank you for your commitment to the highest quality, post-installation service.

Again, congratulations on your accomplishment. And thank you for being one of Duro-Last’s top service providers for 2021.


Dawn Wells