At Superior Services our mission is to ensure that those who work on roofs, return home safely every day. Our focus is to deliver engineered roof safety solutions that meet or exceed MIOSHA standards, protect workers at height and minimize building owner liability.

Superior Services offers an array of roof safety systems for businesses across Michigan. Learn about our roof safety programs, including our FIXFAST OSHA Roof Safety Compliance program, by calling us at 517-321-8222 or sending us an email.


Fixed ladders are fundamental in providing safe ascent to elevated rooftop areas. They are securely affixed to the building structure to provide a designated route of safe passage. Various ladder types are available:

  • Angled Fixed Ladders
  • Standard Fixed Ladders
  • Caged Ladders
  • Fall Arrest Ladders
  • Fold Down Ladders


Permanent roof guardrail systems passively provide fall protection and a high degree of rooftop safety. Aluminum roof guardrail systems can be customized to meet your specific roof configuration. Our guardrail systems are:

  • Assembled on-site
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Comprised of a continuous rail design
  • Sleek looking with milled finish


Permanent non-corrosive aluminum roof walkway systems provide:

  • Lightweight non-slip surface
  • Safe, designated access around the rooftop environment
  • Excellent aesthetics with milled aluminum finish

Aluminum walkways are fastened to each type of roof in varying ways. Affixing the walkways battens to metal roof panels is done with  specialized rivets. Non-penetrating clamps can be used to fastened aluminum walkways to standing seam roof profiles.

Non-penetrating systems can be employed for membrane roof systems such as Duro-Last or other PVC and TPO membranes.


Modular aluminum roof stair access systems offer the maximum degree of safety and improved access to elevated areas. Roof stair systems excel in environments where frequent access is necessary to areas up to 20 feet in height. The modular construction of stair access systems allows for easy on-site delivery and assembly. Customizable deck treads and pitch allow for maximum flexibility to suit your specific needs.


Permanent metal roof warning line systems provide a clear and rugged visual warning of a fall hazard. Every 15 to 30 feet, aluminum posts are installed. The posts are connected with coated galvanized cable. Aluminum danger pendants are positioned at 6 foot intervals. Permanent roof warning line systems can be an important part of an OSHA compliant rooftop safety system.


Roof Hatch Access Doors provide cost effective and convenient access to the rooftop from the building interior. Roof hatches are engineered for safety, superior durability, and ease of installation. Constructed of 14g galvanized steel, roof hatches are made to outlast the life of your roof system.